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Since 1993

We are specialists in the construction of Residential, Institutional and Commercial buildings, as well as in the development of interior fitting-out projects and remodeling of office buildings. We have worked with many of the most important companies in the country, always standing out for the seriousness in meeting deadlines and costs.
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Our Commitment

The partners of Constructora ALTIUS are characterized by maintaining a direct relationship with their principals and by being present at the works.

Our trajectory

To develop our projects we look for the best, we have searched for they have been conceived by the most outstanding national architects, who have trusted ALTIUS because they appreciate the efficiency and professionalism with which the company approaches the development of their works, correctly resolving even the smallest constructive detail.
To carry out specialty projects, the construction company has the support of a group of highly experienced subcontracting companies, whose seriousness, efficiency and technical capacity make them ideal collaborators to successfully carry out the most complex projects.

Our Partners

The partners, together with the team of engineers, builders and technicians that make up ALTIUS Construction, can proudly display a 30 year career dedicated to offering all their knowledge and effort to serve their clients with dedication and professionalism, granting them the security of being in good hands.

Roberto Cea Miranda

Ingeniero Civil - U. de Chile

Eduardo Puga Young

Ingeniero Civil - U. de Chile

Álvaro Sepúlveda Otaíza

Ingeniero Civil - U. de Chile

Francisco Palacios Moraga

Constructor Civil - U. Católica

Cristián Martínez Rojas

Constructor Civil, U. Católica

Matías Burmester Cortés

Ingeniero Civil - U. Católica

Francisco Ruiz-Tagle Garcés

Ingeniero Comercial, U. de Chile

Fernarndo Spichiger Castro

Ingeniero Civil - U. Católica